About the Author

E.H. Reinhard was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s worked in sales in one form or another for the better part of eighteen years. Previous nine-to-fives include retail management, the auto industry, operating a small business, and running an assortment of viral humor websites that generated tens of millions of page views per month.

Reinhard’s completed works:

The Cases of Lieutenant Kane Series: The six-book series follows the life on and off duty of a fictional Tampa homicide lieutenant—though if the stories were reality, anyone who worked law enforcement and encountered what Kane did would likely be turning in their resignation. Throughout the series, Lieutenant Kane goes toe-to-toe with some of the most twisted, homicidal, and downright ruthless adversaries imaginable, all while doing his best to juggle his often-turbulent personal life.

The Agent Hank Rawlings Series of FBI Thrillers: In the six-book series, Hank Rawlings is pulled from the Lieutenant Kane Series and dropped in a new city and new position—agent in the FBI’s serial crimes homicide division. Hank’s new job description is simple: track down serial killers nationwide and bring them to justice. Hank’s work finds him in unfamiliar locations and puts him face to face with the most dangerous and demented people to ever walk the earth.

The Lieutenant Kane Dedicated to Death Series: This ongoing series takes place before the events of the book Malevolent and again follows Tampa’s most tenacious homicide lieutenant as he does everything in his power, including working more hours than any sane person should, to keep the city’s streets murderer free. Yet, in Kane’s Tampa, another murderer is always guaranteed, and it seems that a couple of the most recent crop have the lieutenant firmly in their cross hairs.

ReinhardReinhard now resides in sunny Tampa, Florida. When not putting pen to paper, or keys to keyboard, writing thrillers, he is an avid fisherman. So naturally, moving to the fishing capital of the world was a good fit.

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