Progeny: Book 5 in the Cases of Lieutenant Kane Series

Progeny: Book Five in the Cases of Lieutenant Kane Series


Progeny – E.H. Reinhard

Tampa homicide lieutenant Carl Kane has led up grisly crime scenes before, but this one is different—it’s identical to the remains left thirty years prior by a man who had whipped the city into chaos.

But Jack Redding, or as the media called him, The Quilter, had been put to death in the nineties. These murders are the doing of a copycat—someone with inside knowledge of the original crimes.

As the bodies pile up, the motivation for the killings and the connection shared by the victims become clear.

Kane must race around the clock to find the person—or persons—responsible for recreating the work of the most heinous murderer Tampa has ever seen.

Little does Kane know his path will lead him to one of the most horrifying scenes he’s ever witnessed. In his line of work, and after recent events, that’s saying something.


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